5 Dangerous Weight loss Tricks: Why You Should Never Try Them  

Being fit is very good for our body and our over health. Eating right and exercising regular is all we need to eliminate bad lifestyle related diseases. There are a lot of ways and instant solution to losing weight today. Weight loss tricks can easily be found online and suddenly there is a need to lose that weight in a jiffy. Unlike the Santa Clara Personal Trainers, they know the safe and step by step ways to help you achieve your healthy weight goal safely. But the diet fads online will convince you to do otherwise.  

Weight loss Tricks

Losing weight can be hard and frustrating. It can take time, and it does not happen overnight. What some consumers do not know that these weight loss trick to lose fat in less than 10 days could lead to serious health problems. So, take note and remember these 6 dangerous weight loss tricks and why you should never try them:  

Diet Pills  

Diet pills have been long available in the market. Their manufacturers claim to make you lose weight in no time. Usually, diet pills have appetite suppressant effects, which means you will not feel hungry. But this could lead to ulcers, low blood pressure and you can collapse anytime. Due to the lack of sugar and food intake, you could be hospitalized. There are some diet pills brand that are banned in the market as their ingredients have been found unsafe for consumption and some even contain methamphetamine.   

7 Days Coffee  

These 7-days coffees are usually made in China. Not all made in China are defective or fake, but there are a lot of appetite suppressant coffees sold to consumers that guarantees losing 5 kilograms in 7 days. The drastic result for some users is too much, some users have claim that they have not eaten for a day since the coffee is so strong. This can lead to dehydration and even death.  

Laxative Tea   

Using laxative can be an effective way to resolve constipation problems. But some consumers are using laxative teas to lose weight. Some laxative teas advertise to their consumers the losing weight effect, but this can also lead to dehydration. Frequently going to the bathroom to go number 2 is not healthy, especially when you use something to force it. Try eating more fibrous foods to get a regular bowel movement.  

Baby Food Diet  

Some say, this is the diet for runway models. Can you imagine how to survive on baby food for the whole day? Baby food is for babies. They are soft and light since babies only need a small number of calories. Baby food cannot support the nutrient need of any type of adults, not even 7-year olds. You can actually end up craving to eat more and binge on sugary foods.  

Cleansing Diet  

Sure, cleansing is one way to detox. It is fast and easy, and popularized by Beyonce. There are a lot of cleansing mixes you can find on the internet, thus a lot of us wants to try this diet. Due to its frequency intake, cleansing can be dangerous. Due to the lack of protein intake, this can lead to lack of energy and also you will miss the calories you need daily to support you on your daily activities. You might want to search personal training near me me to help you make a good and safe diet plans.

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